Three Essential Considerations for Choosing Finger Foods for Your Event

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If you are hosting an event, you should consider providing finger foods instead of traditional full meals. These nibbles are easier to prepare, and the total cost will be much lower than that of lunches or dinners. The foods will also not restrict guests to a single place. They will be free to move around and mingle or network, making your event more social. On the other hand, you should note that the potential benefits will depend on the specific canapés chosen. Here are critical factors to help you select the best finger foods for your gathering. 

Ease of Eating

When choosing nibbles for your guests, you should consider the ease of eating. In general, canapés are served at standing events, so you cannot provide anything which cannot be handled and eaten efficiently. Keep your finger foods as simple as possible. You should avoid edibles which are messy. For example, bites with sauce or grease will be challenging to handle. Some guests might end up with stained clothes, which will ruin their experience. The size of the foods should be small enough to eat in one go. Large pieces of foods can be uncomfortable to eat while standing or mingling. Also, make sure that the canapés are easy to chew and swallow. 

Cost and Quantity

You should think about the cost of different finger foods before making your orders. If you select the wrong canapés for your event, you will compromise the budget or ruin the occasion for your guests. High-end nibbles will require expensive ingredients, and they are ideal if you have a flexible budget, especially for formal events. However, you should remember that this choice might limit the quantity you can order. On the other hand, low-end canapés might not create a good impression with your guests, even if you have high amounts. Therefore, find a suitable middle ground. Select an affordable finger food menu which will impress guests and be covered well by your budget.

Aftereffects of the Meal

Often, event hosts do not consider the aftereffects of the finger foods they provide at their parties. This lack of foresight can lead to embarrassing moments for the guests and can cast a cloud over the entire occasion. You should circumvent this common mistake. Choose foods which are unlikely to stick to the teeth or cause dental staining. Also, nibbles which cause bad breath should be avoided for a more positive experience. 

If you are uncertain about the right choices, you should consult a catering expert.