How to Choose the Best Water Filtration System for Your Home

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A water filtration system can be needed in homes where the tap water is not very healthy or where it has sediment that dries your skin and strips your hair of natural oils. There are many types of water filtration systems you can choose, from full wastewater recycling systems to a water pitcher you fill from the taps and keep in the fridge. Note a few tips for choosing the best system for your home so you know you get the right system for your home and your family.

Consider what water you want to filter

Do you just need clean drinking water and water for cooking? If so, a pitcher that you fill from the tap and keep in the fridge can be enough. However, if you use a lot of water for cooking and drinking, this type of pitcher may be too small, and its filter can wear out quickly and need to be changed constantly. An undersink water filter can be more durable, meaning it will filter more gallons or litres of water before it needs to be changed than just a small pitcher you keep in the fridge.

If you need to filter all the water in your home, meaning the showers as well as the taps, you'll want a system that attaches to the outside plumbing. This can be expensive and difficult to maintain, and it can be difficult to change the filters, so note if a filtered showerhead might be a better idea. This is a type of filter that replaces your showerhead and filters water as it flows through the shower. You can more easily change this filter than one attached to your home's pipes while still getting fresh water in the shower.

Note the contaminants in the water

You may think you can do with a simple water pitcher you keep in the fridge if you just want clean drinking water, but these filters may not be strong enough to remove certain contaminants including lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. You might want to have your home's water tested for what is making it cloudy or that gives it a poor taste, and then note the best filter to remove those chemicals. A filter under the sink of the kitchen is usually stronger than one in a pitcher, so it may be a better option when your home's water is contaminated with very harmful chemicals and irritants.