4 Crab Dishes That Trump Crab Cakes

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When browsing any restaurant menu, you'll notice that the crab dish in the seafood section of the menu is usually some type of crab cake. There's nothing wrong with crab cakes, but they're as common as prawn dishes and most people who enjoy seafood will have tried crab cakes. When you visit a seafood restaurant you'll have several crab dishes to choose from, so ditch the crab cakes and opt for a crab dish that's not commonly served in non-seafood restaurants. Here are four crab dishes that trump crab cakes:

Tempura Soft-Shell Crab

This dish is a real treat. Small crabs are caught just after they've moulted, so their new shell hasn't had time to harden, and this means you can eat the whole crab. The crabs are dipped in light tempura batter and flash-fried in hot oil until the batter is crispy. The crabs are succulent, juicy and slightly sweet. This dish is typically served with a spicy Asian slaw or hot dipping sauce and is perfect as a starter.

Crab And Coconut Risotto

The frequent stirring of the Arborio riced used in risotto releases starch and makes the rice creamy. The al dente rice combined with rich coconut milk and delicate white crab meat makes this a satisfying dish that's not to be missed. Curry powder, fish sauce and fresh lime juice are used to season the sauce, making it a warming meal that's ideal on a cold evening.

Crab Pie

Flaky, buttery pastry encases chunks of crab meat and garden vegetables cooked in a rich fish stock. Carrots, leeks, peas, potatoes and celery are commonly used in this pie, and fresh parsley balances out the strong flavour of the stock. Enjoy this pie with a squeeze of lemon juice and chunky sweet potato wedges or dauphinoise potatoes.

Shrimp And Crab Gumbo

This rich seafood stew has a tomato and fish stock sauce that is thickened with gelatinous okra. Celery, bell peppers and onions are always used in gumbo, and heat is added to the dish with ground cayenne pepper. Gumbo is best enjoyed with grits or boiled rice, and you can add a little hot sauce just before eating if you want an extra kick.

These are just a few suggestions of crab dishes to look out for when you visit a seafood restaurant like Maisie's Seafood & Steakhouse. Your server will be happy to recommend a dish for you to try, so make the most of the vast choice of seafood on the menu and try something new.