3 Food Gifts For Men

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Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, so if you struggle to know what to get the men in your life for their birthdays or other special occasions, try giving the gift of food. Dad's sick of socks and hubby doesn't need another personalised mug, but everyone loves to eat and explore new tastes. Here are three foodie gift ideas that won't disappoint:

Chocolate Bouquet

Flowers aren't traditionally gifted to men, but who could refuse a chocolate bouquet containing all their favourites? Each individually wrapped chocolate is attached to a wire or plastic stem to create a unique bouquet that's presented in a gift box. You can choose which chocolates you'd like in the bouquet and can have the gift delivered to the recipient's home or place of work in the same way flowers are delivered. This sweet gift shows you know the man in your life well enough to be able to pick out his favourite treats.

Charcuterie Hamper

Got a meat lover in your family? They'll love receiving a wicker hamper filled with speciality charcuterie. Dry cured pork and venison sausages flavoured with juniper berries, fennel or chillies are perfect for those who enjoy cooking, as saucisson lifts the flavour of tomato-based sauces and turns pizza into a gourmet meal. Even if the intended recipient isn't much of a cook, sliced charcuterie served with pickled vegetables, fruity chutney, wholegrain crackers and a cold blonde ale is the perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon of reading or watching sports.

Edible Insects

Got an adventurous man on your gift list? Imagine the thrill he'll get at opening a box filled with edible insects and the bragging rights he'll be able to claim once he's polished them off. Many insects are surprisingly nutritious, containing good fats, zinc and calcium, and they are completely safe to eat if you can stomach the thought of chomping down on crunchy legs. Choose a selection of critters for your gift box, such as chocolate covered locusts, roasted crickets, spiced mealworms and scorpion lollipops. You can suggest a bush tucker challenge for a bit of party fun by assigning numbers to the edible insects and a few other types of food. Simply roll a dice to see if you have to eat a locust or got lucky and get to enjoy a jellybean instead.

These are just a few foodie gift suggestions to consider when you have no idea what to get for a male friend or family member. Whether they prefer sweet or savoury flavours, everyone appreciates some free grub.